Want to Use your Current Memberships & Classes?

We know finances are a headache that many people are dealing with at the moment. In an effort to provide some relief for you and for the studio we are offering a "buy back" program.

Since we do not know how long it will be until we can open at full capacity, we would like to offer you the option of using your current class packages/ memberships toward online classes.

We are aware that we are offering our Zoom classes for much cheaper than our in person classes. This is 2 fold... 1) you might not find the Zoom option to be as desirable or worth it as an in person class but, like us, are just trying to make due... 2) you may not be in a position to afford the same activities as before the Covid-19 Pandemic. We want to bring you as much "normalcy" as we can during this time. Therefore, we are offering many pay what you can options!

Back to my original train of thought...

If you are interested in using your current membership or class package. We will "buy back" what is left of your classes and create a positive balance in your wellnessliving account. For example, if you used 15 of your 30 day membership and you bought the membership for $200, we would put a $100 credit into your Wellnessliving Account. Then you can use to sign up for Zoom classes. When you pay, select the account option and deduct it from your balance. If you are using the Wellnessliving Achieve app or are having trouble figuring out how to pay with your balance, you can also select to pay later and